Gav Doyle

Gav is the man that steers the Trippers ship from day to day. He hosts the FB4 podcast on Sunday nights and loves a debate. John Barnes is the best player to play for the Reds, Dont @ him. 

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Grizz Khan 

Grizz hosts the Khanage show and is opinionated as the come.. The self proclaimed "real football man". You wont meet a nicer guy and grizz can be seen regularly on too. 

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Keith Plunkett

While his first love is Liverpool FC, he takes in as much European and South American football as he can. Keith loves  the history and origins of the game and coaching through the years.

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Seany Lawson 

Seany is a massive Red and has been part of the Trippers since 2015. An avid fan of all sports,  If you want it told straight, Seany FC is your man. 

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Andy Young 

LFC Daytrippers Co Founder, host and contributor. Andy is the toppest of superfan top reds. Andys positivity knows no bounds. 

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Phil Casey 

Phil is a founding member of the Trippers and can be found on The Forum on a Monday night. Never one to shy away from a controversial opinion.

Jamie Holme

Jamie is the host of our Midweek Fix show and is a scouser living  in Dublin.  He's an Ex Semi pro footballer who loves the tactical side of the game and never shy's away from a debate. 

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Ray Dicko 

Ray is another scouser living in Dublin. Season Ticket Holder at Anfield and a host and guest on The Forum and Match Reactions. 

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Avy Hansra

Avy is a London Born Red that lives in California. He loves to scout future stars and is a regular on Khanage alongside Grizz.  

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Chris Brack 

Chris is a native of Runcorn and is host of the Friday Forecast. He holds a season ticket for the LFC Ladies side. Mental memory on football too. 

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Gar Breen 

Gar is a regular and has been for a few years now. A coach at underage football he loves the tactical and mental side of the game. 

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Shane Davoren

Davo is a veteran of the Trippers and a former goalkeeper too. His pots go before every game. Nothing a share bag of meanies wont cure. 

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Ray Brady 

Razor is a Liverpool fanatic, a madman, a photoshop wizard and just an all round great guy. Another Trippers veteran. 

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Joe Walsh 

Big Joe Walsh is a self proclaimed football man. He"s a big red who offers golf tips that are still a free service. #wheelbarrow

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Shaun Dunne 

Dunner is a Sligo man who has been saddled with the rest of the lunatics. Massive Red with a very balanced view on football. Looks like Freddie Flintoff. 

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Paddy Lawson

The Second of the Lawson's in our crew and this man is the reason our studio got built! Mad Red who wears his heart on his sleeve. Paddy is Life. 

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Peter Smith 

Peter is a Dublin Man living in Barcelona. Never ever shy's away from a debate. He Knows This Game 

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Neilo Gray

A madman and a wordsmith in equal measure, Neilo is a man you want to be on the pints with. Won the league so Neilo is happy. 

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