It was a beautiful spring April day

Everybody was happy "we'll beat this lot, and get ready for May"

Nobody was to know the awful things that were to come their way

On that beautiful spring April day.

Off they all set, for the football match

"Rushie will score, they won't get near Barnesy he's hard to catch"

Unaware of what was to come when they got to Leppings Lane.

The tragedy that was to follow, 96 lives lost and a lifetime of pain.

Incompetent policing, inadequete ground

Look around you, it's clearly not sound

"It'll be alright, just get moving, follow the crowd"

Over there, they've opened the gate, oh my word, what a mistake.

What happened next will forever remain

As part of the city's conscience, and in the public domain

For six terrible minutes, the crush got worse

By the time it was over, bodies taken to a hearse.

Angels were created that day

And more afterwards, in the most horrible of ways

Everyone that was there, will never forget

All caught up in that pen, like fish in a net.

The police they read the situation wrong,

Refused to listen to the travelling Kop's 'song'

"open the gates, let us out" from all was the pleas

Authorities turned a deaf ear, as more fell to their knees.

Not that the brass would admit it at first,

It's why we're still fighting, to quench our thirst

Our thirst for justice, over what happened that day

We just want someone held accountable, to stand up and say.

If only we'd worked it like the year before,

We may have avoided this horror and gore

But the new man in charge, he didn't have a clue

Cover-ups began before the stories grew.

The stories of what really happened that terrible spring day

Tales of survival and bodies that lay.

32 years is far to long

Still no justice, to quieten the song.

Those 96 angels up above

Hear the justice bell, and the turtle doves

We haven't got it yet, but we'll keep fighting come what may

We will get justice for that terrible spring day.

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