The Trippers & Me

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. We all have our stories and what brings us together as a community watching and sharing views through the LFC Daytrippers Youtube Channel in my case or however you choose to listen to the shows.

All of us have a story behind why we choose to follow this podcast and I wanted to share what leads me into watching the channel and contributing however I can be it discussing our great club Liverpool FC or a love of football in general.

I came across the Trippers about 3 years ago when there was 9 of us in the chat and bless Gav fronting the shows on a more regular occurrence by himself with contributions from others. I can’t say I was envious of his position because I bet it was bloody hard work. Back in those days I wouldn’t contribute in the chat too much myself but we had and still have the hardcore following from those days be it Avo 3rd or Brackie.

With such a small following at that stage on Youtube when I did come in the chat to talk almost every time I could guarantee that I was going to butt heads with Brackie but more of that later. Slowly the channel was starting to build a following and getting into the 100s of subscribers. I wasn’t a follower of Trippers in the early Andy Young /Phil Casey days because I hadn’t come across the channel at that stage,

I digress and the journey of the Trippers was beginning to take shape with the incredibly knowledgeable crew of Grizz Khan, Seany Lawson and Keith Plunkett. Now known in my eyes as the fab 4 and the shows became more regular with committed schedules which also led to a committed viewership and we have a core fanatical team in the comments.

So anyway back to the blog and you may begin to see some meaning to what this rabble will be about. Everyone has a personal reason for something or why they make the choice to follow the show, be it the content provided or in my case it became somewhere to lose myself in for a period away from real life. In 2019 I got to grips with my personal life and my story, I am a gambling addict.

April 7th 2019 was the last time I had a gambling bet in a bookmakers or online and here I sit 2 days short of my 2 year anniversary without a bet and it got me thinking what has helped me get to this stage that I thought was inconceivable 726 days ago. I have an amazing wife and 3 wonderful children and was gambling worth it? When you are totally stuck with nowhere to go, you look to replace that void that you are going to try and take out of your life.

That’s when I was watching Trippers with every show they had on and I’d found what was going to fill my void and I was going to be a committed member of the chat and try to do something good. The channel was growing and day by day the schedule of production from the channel was growing and becoming more diverse.

2020 summer really took a boom in the growth of the channel and after a year with these gents and this community helping me through something they had no knowledge of what they were providing to their viewing committee. This channel helped me through my personal battles no end and they didn’t even know it.

It was here that it was announced that Gav Doyle was going to be taking up the leadership of the channel on a more full time basis and what a job he has done. I briefly alluded to it earlier but the diversity of the channel is what makes it my favourite. Be it transfer agenda shows, review shows, preview shows, fantasy drafts, question of sport and quizzes. You name it the channel has something for all and more recently the channel has gone beyond content and into the amazing #KianStrong campaign.

This is a campaign that everyone has got behind, I went to Gav with an idea and he supported it, we raised an astonishing amount of $3,400.00 towards the campaign to get to $100,000.00 to give that young man a chance. The community got behind it and supported it and more recently Shane Davoren and friends took this even further in their 300km for Kian challenge for the month of March and have raised an incredible 17,430 Euros which will smash young Kian past his target.

This is the very reason this channel will grow because of the dedication of the team and also the community with the next target being 10k. Also with the astute additions of Brackie and Avy, it brings fresh ideas and fresh perspective.

Anyway, to the main contributors in the chat Avo, Megan, Laura, Ash Loranger, Raj and so many more, I could go on forever, I would personally like to thank you for being a knowledgeable group who I enjoy reading your input on a nightly basis.

Finally to the trippers, a massive, massive thank you for filling the gap in my life that needed to be taken otherwise I would no longer be here. You will never understand what you have done for me and I will always be here as an avid supporter of wherever you decide to go with the channel.

Until the next show I will say goodbye for now.


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