Tonight Matthew, I am going to be Clarence Seedorf.

Seedorf was the complete midfielder. he was an elegant, creative player, tenacious with great tactical intelligence strength and pace. a world class midfielder, whose longevity as a footballer would see him finish his career with more trophies than some clubs. Regrettably, he did not play in the premier league. Gini, in his finest hour, the reds hour of greatest need produced the type of performance that his countryman would be proud of. His decision to move on makes sense. As a footballer Gini would not be a poor man but how many of us would turn down the opportunity to secure the future of not just our children but our children’s grandchildren too ? leaving the premier league for la liga he will play in a league that has a high technical standard but also has a slower pace. If you think the UK’s tax laws are written for the rich Spain makes the UK look like Scandinavia. The reds are wealthy, but they do not have a plutocrat as a sugar daddy, they cannot spend ad infinitum. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that in recent times Barcelona have made at least two bad decisions for every good decision. Bayern would have been an interesting move if it had happened for him. His time at Liverpool has been characterised by big performances, Liverpool vs Man City. Big goals in crucial games, it is some list the final league game of the 2016/17 season the champions league qualifier against an obdurate Middlesbrough, the champions league semi-finals

“ After the game in Spain we were confident that we could score four at home and win 4-0. I think the people from outside doubted us and thought that we couldn't do it, but once again we showed that anything is possible I'm really emotional, because I was really angry at the manager that he put me on the bench. I had to do something and when I came on I just tried to help the team. I'm happy I could help the team with two goals and overall it was a good team performance ”

Wijnaldum has been a leader. Shown he is tactically astute whether he is playing out of position in a back 3 away at Brighton or spotting how lax Neil Warnock’s low block Cardiff are on corners, and he has an amazing smile not bad for a man who was seen as a match of the day player; with a great highlight reel but not much substance. Ronnie Whelan was a criminally under rated, hugely misunderstood much-maligned player. he had great skill but like Gini it was often his job to do the simple things that allowed the team to function best. If you had to pick based solely on you tube clips you could easily be fooled into believing the awful Alberto Aquilani was a superior footballer to Whelan. In the case of gini you do not captain the Netherlands unless you have something about you. They are not giving the Dutch equivalent of Joey Barton the armband. The fact Gini plays a different role with his national team and does it so well should tell you what a player he is. This is the beginning of Klopps 2nd Liverpool team. Steven Gerrard has spoken in the past about what it took to win his place in the team, about being the best player in training every day. It is not an accident that Curtis Jones has taken number 17. He is a kid so he is likely to be up and down, but do you think he doesn’t see this as an opportunity ? if he does not then he should be nowhere near the Liverpool squad.

Gini is a Liverpool legend he doesn’t have as many medals as a Souness but if it was just about numbers then Liddle, Yeats and St John wouldn’t be so revered, but they are and rightly so. Without Gini the reds do not make it to Kiev win in Madrid or bring home number 19, so clearly a top fella who has called out racism, has pointed out that the world cup in Qatar is not of the players choosing but is still a bit shit. Always there for the team like when he scored that goal against Bournemouth when he had the shits.

Thank you and good luck gini ynwa.

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