Why did FSG buy Liverpool ? You may be FSG out but at the time they saved the club. Hicks and Gillette had loaded the club with debt and replaced Rafa with Roy Hogdson. As owners go Liverpool won the lottery when FSG came in they are a long long way from perfect but of the people who could buy a premier league football club they were among the better options.

The reds could have had someone like Mike Ashley or ended up being state owned. We were told FSG were sports fans baseball not football fans but if they could take the red sox to a world series and were ready to listen and put clever people in place the reds could compete with Romans billions and the financial monster that was Man Utd. That is what we were told and at the time it seemed reasonable.

FSG believed they could have a self-sustaining successful club, naively they believed FFP would work. Sadly for football FFP was something that could have been a good idea that is if UEFA and FIFA were about leadership and integrity but it was a poorly written set of rules that had no teeth and didn’t protect smaller clubs as we were told, it was enforced by people who talked a lot about the football family and fairness yet didn’t act like a family and were ok with unfairness as long as they were on the right side of that unfairness.

The European Cup is not what it once was. it has changed and expanded FIFA have revamped the Club World Cup . FIFA have given the world cup to Qatar and unfortunately there are still many unanswered uncomfortable questions surrounding the bid and award. Many workers have died building the stadia for 2022. The FA UEFA and FIFA threatened ESL clubs but the fact is without these clubs their competitions really are worth less it just would not be the same for TV companies sponsors and last and clearly least fans. The FA UEFA and FIFA are ok with new things if they are driving change and that change means more money more control for them, They are always shrewd with greed ! Banning the bigger clubs and players would be stupid, its mutually assured destruction. Truly there are no good guys here. Look it the swift reaction from government and football bodies yet the reaction to clear cases of racism is glacially slow.

There is some hypocrisy from owners who aren’t part of the dirty dozen and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. the fact is these owners are often share and share alike when they talk about football. Yet in their business life we see their true colours. People who tell you lunch is for wimps and would say pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Last season relegation threaten clubs were briefing the press and pushing for null and void. In 2008 We had Bolton chairman Phil Gartside talking about premier league 2 What would that have done to those lower down the pyramid ? We have seen outrage from clubs and fans who were happy with null and void, from sky who reluctantly made some games free to air, than went for PPV then as covid continued to rage they pulled free games. Salford city figurehead Gary Neville and Peter Lim’s mate has had his say. The shameful six are however following that same credo that English football has followed for years.

“The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all its forms, greed for life, for money”

It is no coincidence that Bayern weren’t involved and the fans in Germany have far more power. the owners of PSG didn’t want to rock the boat ahead of the world cup. Owners and fans of teams who were not asked to be part of the ESL dirty dozen claim that they would have had no interest. Every fan would naively like to think their club would do the right thing, but their owners would almost certainly have other ideas. We are now hearing from some that the lads at Man City were bullied into this. That is Man City so that is the powers that be at the club who have just pulled UEFAs pants down. The higher ups at Spurs and Chelsea are getting the excuses out now too. When was the last time Daniel Levy folded easily on anything ? when was the last time Roman did something he did not want to do ? At the close of every transfer window sky and Jim White with his yellow tie on and with the ticker at the bottom of your screen celebrate every record transfer gleefully talking about the spending power of the English game. What did they think, these billionaire owners who probably haven’t heard the word no in years were going to put up with the shitshow that is the FA UEFA and FIFA for ever ?

The reds are a disgrace only it’s not the reds not the fans the staff the players the manager. They have been hung out to dry here .Its FSG like the other 5 it is the owners. FSG are now asking forgiveness not permission yet again but this is so much bigger than £77 for a ticket. And the champions league ? The fans the staff the players and the manager have earned it ! the fans were here when the reds were shit the staff worked for the club when RSB wanted their money back the players qualified then got to a final and then got to a final again and the manager who has said he disliked the idea of a super league has not change his mind why do you think FSG didn’t ask him ?.

We say football is nothing without fans well what is football without jeopardy ? What made 19 special isn’t just that it was the first title in thirty years and the first since division one became the premier league it’s the fact that the reds, our boys were up against a club with more money than Croesus, Man City had every advantage the reds are not poor by any measure but can’t sign full backs at £50 million a time until they get one that they like. they were not meant to win as convincingly as they did. If we had removed jeopardy with this version of the ESL that would not have been about sporting merit, why step on the pitch ? just use a powerful computer to run a simulation and tell us the winner after. The shameful premier league six, the ESL dirty dozen have questions to answer no doubt, but this has happened on UEFA’s watch they need to be in the dock too. Call it joint enterprise like the legal doctrine that imputes criminal liability to the participants in a criminal enterprise for all that results from that enterprise. The 12 are an utter disgrace but footballs governing bodies and tv companies are Victor Frankenstein of Geneva, the ESL was the creature they helped create they really have played more than their part in getting us here.

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