Sienna is 3 years old with with diaplegia cerebral palsy. We have decided to take Sienna to St.Louie in America for life changing SDR surgery.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is an operation used to reduce spasticity (muscle stiffness) in some children with cerebral palsy. Spasticity has an impact on motor function and quality of life. It can effect gait, cause pain, and contribute to muscle contractures which can lead to deformities.

Nerve fibres running from the muscles back to the spinal cord play a major role in maintaining the typical muscle stiffness seen in spasticity. SDR is a surgical procedure performed on these spinal nerve fibres to reduce levels of spasticity in the legs. SDR is currently not available in Ireland therefore America is the best place to go in order to give Sienna every opportunity to walk in the future.

We would be extremely grateful of everyone's donation to help pay for the travel ,surgery and the rehab afterwards.

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Our Goal is to get Sienna to America with €120k of donations ....
Please Donate whatever you can and spread the word!!